Want to Travel for Free? Get my Guidebook + Memoir for Free (Yep, It Finally Happened)

chowgypsy opening a book
Ahhh, it feels good to be here. 

Like slipping on my favorite comfy coat. Climbing into bed after a long day. Walking into a room full of old friends.

I found a book in the Chowgypsy maunderings, and I’d like you to find it too. The search won't be difficult. In fact, the book is right here: Everywhere for Nothing: Free Travel for the Modern Nomad.

Too many people responded to my free travels with widened eyes that said, “I never knew something like that existed!

So, I had to do something about it. I had to let everybody know that free travel isn’t some magician’s trick. You can be as basic as, well, me, and get started as soon as today.

I wrote this book because we need more open minds. We need happier people. We need to realize that the world isn’t so big, but our lives are so short.

There will be five days in the coming weeks when the book is free for Kindle

One of those days is Monday (December 17th), and I’d love for you to get one for yourself and maybe share on social media that this potentially life-changing book is free right now.

Yes, ‘free’ is in the title; no, it’s not a gimmick. This is more than just budget travel or cheap vacations. You've seen most of it happen here on the blog ...

I've combed over thirty countries and hundreds of cities; taken every imaginable mode of transport; roomed with over forty foreign families; and lived the most exciting, sleepless, fun, meaningful, and/or dangerous times of my life—all to find the best tips, secrets, and hacks to travel for free.

There've been stories, too. Experiences strange and wonderful. The book is peppered with them, so it's not all guide stuff. It's fun stuff, too.

This ain’t about profit. It’s about travel for the masses.

Let’s do this.

everywhere for nothing book cover
Check it out: click here

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