Take artistic liberties with these recipes; indeed, there are few for which I took exact measurements, so let your taste buds guide you. Very little should be exacted to a science when it comes to cooking! (Baking, however, is a different story!)

Anchovy-Garlic Sauce

Real French Onion Dip (Courtesy of Monique Michel)

Greek Tiropites (Stuffed Phyllo Dough Triangles)

Herbed Hummus

15-Minute Appetizer Plate Idea

Swiss Raclette

Authentic Swiss Fondue

Roasted Pepper, Olive and Goat Cheese Spread

Feisty Baba Ganoush

Wallet-Friendly Olive Tapenade

Chicken Curry Dip

Shredded Cabbage, Ham, & Walnut Salad

Fresh Spring Pea Salad

Traditional Niçoise Salad

Pasta with Lemon-Mascarpone Sauce

Squash & Bulgur Gratin (vegetarian)

Eggplant & Quinoa Casserole (vegetarian)

French Crepes (photo/video account with link to recipe)

Chanterelle Mushroom in Butter and Garlic Sauce with pasta (non-detailed recipe)

French Escargot, Frog Legs, and Rabbit Legs (no recipes)

Healthy “Creamy” Spinach Quinoa Bake (vegetarian)

Pork Wellington (or Pork en Croute)

Cornish Pasties

Wild Asparagus with Creamy Polenta

Strawberries and Cream

Easy Apricot Jam

Dutch Pancakes

Zucchini Quinoa Brownies

Czech Fruit Dumplings (Ovocné Knedliky)

Chocolate Bark

Beet & Bulgur Brownies

Israel Inspired Oat & Chickpea Chocolate Squares [vegan + GF]

Turkish Dessert "Empanadas" [vegan/GF option]

Date & Nut Energy Bombs

Raw Chocolate Truffles

Turkish-Style Toasty "Bread Pudding"

Brownie Carrot Layer Cake

Scones/"Cream Tea"

Green Bean Casserole (Note: mostly a visual guide on the process)

Squash & Bulgur Gratin (vegetarian)

Eggplant & Quinoa Casserole (vegetarian)

Fresh Spring Pea Salad

Beetroot Hummus [Vegan + GF]

Romesco Sauce & calcots

Sriracha (Rooster sauce)

Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Matcha Green Tea Crackers

Israel Inspired Oat & Chickpea Chocolate Squares [vegan + GF]

Goji Fruit Concentrate Granola

Date & Nut Energy Bombs

Dutch Pancakes

Orange Marmalade

Ramson Pesto (Garlic Broccoli Pesto)

Plum Apple Chutney

An Authentic German Breakfast (no recipe needed)

La Cadole: Authentic Paris Restaurant

Le Bambou: China Town in Paris Town

Le Laurencin: Dinner at a Lyon Bouchon

The Camel: Hummus in Israel

Pitarra: Catalonian Cuisine in Barcelona

Nun's Buns in Granada

La Oliva in Granada

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