What is that gypsy doing?

Hi there. I'm the Chowgypsy.

Chard times to come...
After living through the long and frigid winters of Jackson, Wyoming, I felt a little deprived of the Slow Food Movement that's taking the world by storm. I wanted my piece of that farm-made pie, and where better to find the real…the local…the fresh, than with the cultures that have been honing their food skills for centuries?

So, in late May of 2012 I set out to get a fooducation from the bottom up. I don't have much money, but I'm perpetually hungry and I know how to feed myself without breaking the bank. With various hospitality and work exchanges that help me find room and board for free, clever cooking techniques, and any other money-saving methods you can think of, I've found a way to travel the world on less than  an average of $150 a month.

Whether it's eating pig snout in France, discovering Shabbat dinners in Israel, or risking obesity during a 21-course meal in Spain, for the next few years I'm out to see—and do—everything in the world of cuisine. We're talking straight-up food culture assimilation. Follow my quest for a good peppering of recipes, accounts of daily life on this-or-that farm, and musings on the cultures in which we become submerged.

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Why stay home to eat when you can do it anywhere?


  1. Hey, did you eat the continents into that apple?

  2. my teeth simply aren't sharp or tiny enough




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