French Food. It's everywhere.

france dinner
Anyone wanna come over for dinner?

Oh Le Bugue, how we shall miss you.

We wound down our time nicely with Julius and Joelle. At the risk of repeating myself, we finished our work with a touch more weeding, planting, and fence-making. If Joelle hadn’t been such a phenomenal cook, I might have despaired a bit. As it was, I would have weeded poison ivy in a bikini if it meant me being allowed to sitt down to one of her meals.

Let’s have a look at a few more highlights, shall we? 

Foie Gras le bugue
Entering town, an invitation to view a Foie Gras shop
Joelle’s take on Shepards Pie uses DUCK CONFIT. 
No big deal, right..RIGHT!?? okitsabigdeal.

melon and ham
An appetizer Joelle whipped together in about 15 minutes: Endive with tuna salad, prosciutto & melon, and squares of herbed feta skewered between cherry tomatoes. Bam!
Homemade spaetzle & goulash
Shelling fresh peas for a salad...
Wanna try? Quickly blanch peas, add some chopped prosciutto to taste, a handful of fresh mint, some diced shallots if ya feel like it, and a splash of EVOO, red wine vinegar, and a pinch salt and pepper. Oh! And butter, how about some butter? nomnomnomnom.

crispy baked potatoes
Hello, amazingly crispy AND soft baked potatoes.
Score ‘em, herb ‘em, oil ‘em, and bake. 
wwoof france
John helps to prepare dinner
vegetables in france
Snap peas and haricot vert from the garden (purple fresh, and green after cooking!), and some raspberries and strawberries (literally the best I’ve ever tasted) from a neighbor
grotte de rouffignac
John and I went to the Rouffignac caves to see prehistoric drawings of horses, mammoths, goats, ibex, and buffalo. Pictures weren't  allowed inside, but perhaps I can convince you that it was awesome simply by willing it so?
france sunset
Farewell, Le Bugue!
...Really, I promise, soon you will get a recipe for the one-and-only-chestnut-chocolate-pastry-thing. But allow me to tantalize those tastebuds with a bit of a primer photo...
chocolate pastry
soon, young grasshopper, soon...

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  1. Meggan and John, you have almost convinced me to give up my plans for a grass and flower garden in favor of bright, fresh, lovely vegetables. The only catch -- the young deer who has come right up to the house to nibble the roses...

  2. They eat venison in France don't they Meggan?

  3. Your blog is really awesome. Thanks for sharing this nice post . I like french food , french culture , french tradition, french language very much. Last summer i have visited France as well as I have visited French restaurant. I have enjoyed French food very much.

    1. Why thank you kindly! There really is so much to like...I think we'll have to go back for another 3 months to eat more food!

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