The Coast and the Grampus

It's Photo Friday. It's not Friday? Whatever. The thing is that we are in an absurdly beautiful place, and such places warrant posts based solely around photos.
The view off Lee Bay, North Devon. Give it about a 15-minute walk, and there you are. 
Days run similarly here at the Grampus Inn: Wake up or sleep in (depending on whose turn it is to clean the floors and bathrooms), maybe work the three-hour lunch shift, or maybe work the two-hour dinner shift. A little Cream Tea in the afternoon. Perhaps some Texas Hold'em at the end of the night.
Looking out at the backyard of the Grampus Inn and the stone art that John made of an orca whale at the top right ("Grampus" is an old local word for orca).
Such a schedule provides us volunteers with a fair amount of free time, so we explore.
Low tide at the bay and a nice big ancient tree
A cat sitting in a box staring out the window. Of course.
Heading from Lee Bay to Woolacombe
Action shot on one of the footpaths
The Brits want you to believe that all they have are royal families and nasty weather. Nothing to see here, folks!

But I'm going to let you in on the secret of the England coast: It's divine.
Catching the sunset colors off a footpath and attempting to spot some seals (but failing)
If you reach the tiny town of Lee Bay, take a five minute walk down a petite path and you've reached the water. There will be no getting lost unless you happen to be blindfolded. At low tide, you can venture out toward the water and pass a set of Victorian stairs that were carved into the rock face and used for who knows what kind of water party shennanigans. As these stairs spend most of their time covered nowadays, the water levels must have changed a bit since then.
Hopping around what the high tide will soon hide
A close-up of the Victorian steps, only seen at low tide
Or just skip the stairs and run the opposite way, in to the freezing Spring ocean. There's nobody around, so do whatever you want.
John and our new friend Stan decide to take a sunset dip 
Spring is just beginning to show on the trees here
Or hike the five miles to the three-mile-long stretch that is Woolacombe Beach, Britain's "best beach" (according to a 2012 poll) located in the quaint surf town that is its namesake. Did you even know that England had surf towns??
A dramatic cliff-line stroll as we round the corner from Lee Bay toward Woolacombe Beach
Perhaps these parking lot picnic-goers didn't realize that the beach was literally a 2-minute walk away?
The sheep...they're everywhere
A sheep dog patiently waiting for sheep
If that's not enough entertainment for you, just come by the Grampus on a Friday night for some authentic Celtic music and open-mic time.
Mischievously stationed behind the bar with John and Stan, attempting not to help ourselves to all the real ales.
Bill's (our host) local band, M'Larkey (the woman had a literal basket quiver of reed instruments)
A view of Bill's cozy pub on open mic night.

We are on a "working holiday," aren't we??


  1. beer teaser not enough. Ask around about CAMRA and see if you can go on a tour or join one of their events...

  2. Oh John, your grandfather and great-grandfather are smiling down with approval and glee! I'll always remember arriving with them at John O'Groats, the northernmost tip of mainland Scotland. They glanced at each other and then without a word stripped down to leap into that cold, wild sea.
    Meggan, stunning photos as always! I wish I could join you for a sip!

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