Quitting Feedburner, Re(v/s)olution!

Update: I've since moved over to MailChimp.com for a FREE way to get my posts mailed out with amazing customer service!

Hello darlings.

Several of my posts in the past month or so haven't been sent out to e-mail subscribers, for no apparent reason. So, just a quick note to let all of you know that I have moved my Feedburner e-mailing service over to a company called Feedblitz because Google's Feedburner is the worst. Please bear with me as I get this straightened out...I'm not exactly savvy in this realm.

You shouldn't have to do anything about this, as email addresses have already been transferred over. If you haven't received anything yet, make sure that "feedblitz@mail.feedblitz.com" is added to your address book or e-mail whitelists (i.e., that the e-mails aren't getting sent to the spam folder).

And if you haven't signed up to receive Chowgypsy updates in your inbox yet, do it already!

If this is all just a bunch of tech-sounding gibberish to you, that's ok. Just sign up to receive the Chowwgypsy e-mails. That's all I'm saying, really.

Can I just allude to how much I want to rant about how Google services offer NO technical support to their subscribers? I'm just alluding to the rant, I'm not ranting.
awesome bear
I'm through with you, metaphorical representation of Feedburner that is an explosion.

Moral of the story for fellow bloggers: Quit Google Feedburner, use FeedBlitz.

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