Cats on a Farm: Where you want to be.

I warned you that the cats would need their own post.

It doesn't have much to do with food and it doesn't have much to do with travel.

But it does have a little something to do with Heaven.
Welcome to the farm, care for a stretch?
Sugar cane? $5/lb Kitten? Priceless
Cat Heaven.

So grab yourself a mug of hot tea, relax, lean back, read on, and don't fight the urge to wish you were a cat.
Don't fight it
Nar and Ahmet's farm had somewhere between 16-18 of these moody and eccentric creatures.
The only time we could get them all together for roll call was by feeding them fish bones. How typical.
Whether you are or aren't a cat person, you know of their notoriously mercurial personalities. Often, you'll find yourself gently petting a cat's back or rubbing behind its ear when BAM! you've just received a quick and inexplicable bite on the hand or claw to the arm.

Cats do what they want.
Including: climbing on my shoulder while I take a photo...
And taking a breather in a bag full of pine cones. Whatever.
Yet on this farm, there are no clawed and bitten human appendages. The cats are too busy enjoying non-violence. It is a cat relaxation resort. It is Cat Heaven. All of the cats love you, all of the cats love each other, and you will love all of the cats.
Just be careful when Ahmet doles out the leftover fish bones...
Street justice! This is what happens when you try to take daddy's food. Paw to the face.
On rare occasions, there may be lover's quarrels...
This feline is a master at the cold shoulder

He'll even punish himself by sitting in uncomfortable
positions if it means winning back her love
But these things shall be resolved, for there are the kids to think about...
The latest brood, flanked by momma and poppa
And speaking of the kids...

Basically everything on the farm belongs to the little ones. No questions, No interference.
And when our friends aren't exploring tractors and box-like things, they might just try to get away from it all for a little while...
To a garden overlook...
Or to the roof of a tent. Just 'cause.
But they always come back. Curious, ambivalent, and, if you're lucky, affectionate.
We actually haven't quite established if you're lucky to get attention from the brain damaged one...
The food has been amazing. The new friends? Even more so.
But would it be so wrong to say that I think I'll miss the cats most?
Just stay in there little buddy, you're coming with me.

Dedicated to my true cat love, Maverick (pictured below, but whose Turkish doppelganger is pictured above).
And his other mothers, Prudence, Carson, and Alex.

Stay tuned as we travel on to Istanbul and maybe probably take more cat photos!


  1. Cats galore - lucky you! I love the photos & commentary of the cat giving the cold shoulder - it actually made me laugh out loud. They're all so adorable :3

    1. I am seriously having cat withdrawals now.
      ah, paradise...

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