Exploring France in a Convertible...What Else?

Apart from our private chef positions (ok, ok...imaginary private chef positions) and some light garden work, it would appear that John and I are on a sort of vacation here in Lamure-sur-Azurges. We could be helping at the cheese farm (where Therese and Wladek work, about 2 miles up the road), but since they seem to have that pretty dialed-in, we are forced to spend our free time driving a “convertible” around, picnicking poolside, visiting the neighboring Beaujolais wine region, or going for hikes. They’re torturing us, for godssake!
white convertible
This car was only made cooler by my banana pepper shirt

Wait, did I just mention a convertible?

Why, yes, yes I did. Our lovely hosts have somehow decided they trust us enough to drive this relic around ohhh, whenever we want. For our first outing, we took the convi (that’s my nickname for the little guy) to a nearby pool in La Clayette. The pool was just the icing. The cake, of course, was the driving —the views? The clean air? The sun? I need to go lie down.
wine region france
Yup, this is one of those views I was talking about
solutre france
Driving through the Beaujolais wine region. Vineyards. Everywhere.
OK, I’m back. 

We arrived at the pool and found out another little gem about French culture: board shorts are a no-no. I thought maybe that because John’s swim trunks were aesthetically revolting (there might be a skull on them) we were being denied entrance, but it turns out that French public pools find board shorts to be unclean, because “what if you have been wearing them around all day?" I suppose that the pool administrators had not considered that a guy could secretly wear his speedo-style swimsuit/panties around for a week—maybe even a month—before jumping in the pool. The kind desk attendant pulled out a previously used speedo from a mystery bag and enthusiastically offered it to John. We quickly denied this philanthropy, and finally they let us in despite his hideous shorts.

Once past that obstacle, we enjoyed a picnic on a lawn that borders the pool and overlooks a lake and old castle. We also enjoyed the huge waterslide, obviously (which is sadly not pictured).
la clayette piscine
Honing my lady-of-leisure skills poolside on the grass
picnic salad recipe
A hodgepodge and delicious salad of quinoa, beet, avocado, cucumber, lime, red wine vin, and EVOO.
lakeside castle france
The castle of La Clayette is privately owned...as in, this is someone's house. Oy.
A quick walk around La Clayette afterwards afforded us a visit to a local chocolatier, where we consumed many samples, but skipped the high-priced delicacies. With a mouthful of chocolate, we were then able to consider our day complete, and headed back home—ugly shorts and allto spend a lovely evening with Therese and Wladek.

Follow the trail as we head next to explore huge rocks in Burgundy!


  1. If I would explore France like that I think I would end up looking for a property for sale in France. Just look at the Quaint village, it's just breathtaking. Who wouldn't want to live there, right?

    1. I know, so hard to fight the urge! I suppose visa restrictions will keep me in place...

    2. We're planning to visit Paris for the next vacation break cause me and my family has been reeling for the trip. I've been hearing a lot of beautiful tourist destination on France and I'm looking forward to our tour even though we're currently relocating and finding a new home for sale in spring Texas, I just can't keep my mind from our European tour plans.

  2. Bet you guys did enjoy your trip to France, especially it's famous for its various tourist destination. I wonder if their sense of fashion in clothes also reflects on the place, I've been really thinking about it.

  3. A convertible or a jeep would be perfect to explore any kind of place. It is fun to feel the breeze while sightseeing, it adds to the overall experience. Traveling to places like this can ease out stress.

  4. Great car! And looks like a great vacation. You people can get to see the sights and sounds as well as browse through shops. Envious!




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