Farm Life in France

Week one at La Ferme du Forsdoff....

First things first: Karine and Fred are the type of people you want to be friends with. They're more relaxed than any of our work-exchange hosts so far, and they seem to value the program as a means of cultural exchange (especially for their children), which is, in my opinion, what it should be all about. 

Plus they're really, really funny. 

Another very, very cool thing is that they have a reception hall and room rentals on the farm, and guess what? Since one of the condos (this one, to be precise) isn't being occupied until this weekend, John and I have the whole thing to ourselves. Am I on vacation or something? 

Sooo, what have we learned about farm life so far?

Sheep wrestlin’ 

carry a sheep
John says they’re two times lighter than you’d expect, so go ahead, pick up the next sheep you see. Or don’t?

Pig rearin’

Fred raises these little guys on open pasture until the feeding roles get reversed

Pig feedin’  

pig and chicken
Marion, the don of chickens with a baguette cigar

Berry pickin’ 

snails on berries
Let me guess. You're planning on crawling around
the berry in a spiral pattern. Come on, baby snail,
you're so predictable.

Are these white currants, or EYEBALL CURRANTS??

Rabbit raisin’

rabbit mother
Notice that the mother has torn out her own fur to construct a nest for the babies

Rabbit butcherin’ 

rabbit butchering
Actually, it was only John who butchered, but I watched (mildy distraught and mildly intrigued). I planned to get my hands bloody as well, but resolved failed me at the last minute. If it makes you feel better, we ate them.

Cat balancin’  

cat in france
Maaaybe this isn't actually a farm task that we've learned. 
Maaaybe I just like cat pictures.
Pig Wranglin'

fireworks in france
Leaving after dinner to light fireworks with Karine, Fred, their three kids and four nieces and nephews was one of the best times I’ve had so far in France, mostly because it was so reminiscent of my own childhood. What else are you supposed to do with your extended family at night?

If you can gather, it's been pretty fun here. 

With regards to food, being as they raise pigs, we eat a lot of sausage, sometimes accompanied by mojitos (yespleasethankyou).

The real cookin' comes on the weekends when Karine and Fred cater the events that go on here.

Hello, possible future career path for Chowgypsy.

Stay tuned to hear about our upcoming surprise weekend getaway!


  1. The piggies are SO cute! I can't imagine you being anywhere near a slaughter of any kind. O' how globe trotting has changed you.

  2. I tried to keep my chin up...I figure it's the best way to feel responsible about my eating decisions :/

  3. Where is John's hand in that first sheep pic? Those aren't finger holes like a bowling ball John....

  4. haha, that cat pic caption cracked me up

    1. I knew there had to be some reason I was posting it!

  5. Looks fab! ;) Where in France is this farm? Maybe we could drop by for a visit there 1 day when we tour the country? :)

    1. It's in Missillac, about an hour west of Nantes. Not sure if you'd be passing through, but it would certainly be worth a visit if you were!
      Hope "one day" comes soon for you!




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