The Best German Breakfast. Ever.

Little did I know that when I went to bed at our lovely host Lynn’s, I would awake the next morning, travel to her daughter Daniella's, and eat the most memorable breakfast I have ever laid teeth on.
bread and meat
Yup, pretzels. Yup, multigrain roll. Yup, cinnamon
raisin bread. Yup ohmygoshthisisalltoomuch.
Perhaps the relative culinary simplicity of said breakfast will be anticlimactic for you, but perhaps you don't understand relativity. Or breakfast. 

Let’s consider: seven salami/deli meats, six cheeses, six freshly-baked breads/rolls, fresh fruit, garden fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and soft-boiled eggs.

I don’t know about you, but I think I passed out a little just typing that.
german rolls
Two of these three people really just want to start eating
instead of having their photo taken. Can you guess who?
Of course I didn't let Daniella's kids eat all the peanut butter.
. Obviously.
boiled egg
John's first soft-boiled egg experience! On that note, 
I'm currently accepting soft-boiled eggie holders
In a world where fat and cholesterol didn’t exist, I would want this to be my breakfast everyday. Every. Day. And I would want breakfast to occur 3-5 times per day. Yes, it is simple. So simple, in fact, that if you leave out the eggs, literally all that you have to do to prepare it is cut things. But within that simplicity is born the love child of two amazing foods—cheese and salami. The flavor finale found when you combine these two drool-worthy foods gets me, really, every time. Salami on its own? Meh. But combine it with cheese, and hopefully a little bread to throw ‘em on, and you have given me the gift of happiness.

Maybe I just love that this is a breakfast that is pseudo-rebellious. I thought cheese and salami were for lunch!? Germany, you so crazy.

Eating this emperor of German breakfasts, it felt as if a tsunami of salamis, cheeses, and rolls was joyfully and tastily rolling over a very helpless and very gluttonous Chowgypsy. And I am ok with death by food tsunami.
At the risk of overwhelming you even more, I'll mention that some of the cheese, fruit, and milk were even grown on Daniella and her husband's own farm. I know, I know. It's hard to handle that this isn't what you'll be waking up to tomorrow. We're gonna get through this. You and me, kid.

I’m sorry, pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs, but Daniella has just come into my life, and my loyalty now lies with her. I am a quarter German, after all.
Post-bestbreakfastever shot with the fam
salami and cheese
I don't even know what all this is and I'm brimming
with joy. What's in a name?

And now that we've had our authentic German breakfast, stay tuned for our visit to a way-authentic German castle! So much authenticity! Authentizität! Woo!

Miniature peaches! Or something! I don't even know!


  1. What beer was paired with Breakfast? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Now you know why I've always said that when I go to Germany, I look forward to breakfast as much as dinner. I'd recommend a wheat beer to go with all the breads/rolls

  3. I suppose we'd have to go for a light beer in order to preserve space for all the food!

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